Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

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  • Genuine YONEX Nanoray Z Speed (NR ZSP) Badminton Racquet, with Full Cover, UNSTRUNG, 3UG5


    Made in Japan

    • - This racquet achieves the Guinness Word Record Title for the Fastest Badminton Hit at 493 Km/h by Tan Boon Heong (Malaysia).
    • Technology - 1. SBZ (Snap-Back Zone) - The Frame is thinner at the midway point of the frame and the most Elastic & Powerful Material, EX-HNG, is used within the midway point of the frame, allowing it to flex on impact & repel the shuttle with explosive acceleration & devastating power. 2. Horizontal-A Concept - Yonex designs a new grommet pattern that has created the smallest frame. The pattern anchors 4 strings horizontally to allow greater flex in the string bed and to create a enlarged sweet spot at the top of the frame. So even off-centre shots can be powerful. 3. SONIC METAL is an exceptionally Stiff, Strong, light weight and flexible new titanium alloy which YONEX positions at the Lower Part of the frame to Maximize Snap Back Effect which increase Repulsion Power and Produce a Crisp Hitting Sound. 4. New Frame Cross-Section, Ultra Slim Long Shaft, Nanometric & X-Flullerene Material - Increase Swing Speed Up by 10%.
    • Light head balance
    • Stiff shaft
    • Frame: H.M graphite, SONIC METAL, EX-HMG, Horizontal-A
    • Shaft: H.M graphite, X-Fullerene, Nanometric
    • Weight/Grip: 3U (85g-89.9g)/G5
    • Recommended string tension ~22-27 lbs